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About Us

Perpetually, strong-willed people are armored against challenges; they are full of determination and ability to make achievements, which form an inspirational tale for those who wish to achieve. Abu Nawas Restaurant reflects successes depending on the firms will, determination, initiative, and the recognition of the reasons for success provide alternative capabilities that turned humble resources with less working hands to success and achievement.

على الدوام، هنالك أناس لا تقف التحديات أمام إرادتهم، وهم نماذج ملهمة لمن يريد الانجاز. بدأ مطعم أبو نواس بعناصر نجاح ركيزته الإرادة والعزم والمبادرة والوقوف على كل أسباب التأهيل، لتتبدل محدودية الامكانات وقلة الأيدي العاملة إلى وفرة أمنت ثمرة التطور والتقدم والنجاح بقفزات ملحوظة على مر عقود، إذحقق ذلك المطعم الصغير في سبعينات القرن الماضي وذو ال12 عامل وقائمة الطعام المحدودة والمساحة الضيقة في مدينة الدمام في المنطقة الشرقية

Since 70's Abu Nawas started with only 12 employees, limited food menu and small space, but its team was able to create through decades, projects with great reputation, and restaurants with widespread, that also hold the best, most versatile menus, and more comfortable spaces with multiple floors. All this success also reached the western region in the Kingdom under its registered name "Fast Food Catering Co".

مشاريع ذات سمعة طيبة ومطاعم ذات انتشار واسع تمتلك أفضل قوائم الطعام و أكثرها تنوعاً، وبمساحات مريحة وصلت إلى طوابق متعددة، تبلورت جميعها على شكل انجازات باهرة توزعت بمناطق عدة في شرق وغرب المملكة تحت اسم "شركة التغذية السريعة".

By the hard work of its pioneers, Abu Nawas was able to occupy the leading position in the field of restaurant in the kingdom, where its achievements speak for itself, by creating the highest international standards, and making the best international dishes, appetizers, sweets, and fast food, that each have unique, luxuries taste.

وبسواعد رواده ترك مطعم أبو نواس بصمته المتميزة في عالم المطاعم العريقة في المملكة، فنجاحه يقدم نفسه من خلال نتائجه على ارض الواقع بابتكاره أرقى المعايير الغذائية والصحية العالمية التي أهلته لاحتلال الريادة في مجال الأطعمة المتميزة والأطباق الرئيسية العالمية والمقبلات الشهية إضافة إلى الحلويات والوجبات السريعة التي تنفرد جميعها بالمذاق الفاخر والجودة العالية


  • Unique and attractive branding
  • Exception franchise support system
  • Scalable store model with standard space requirements
  • Potential for high volume sales and profit margins
  • Outstanding social media and PR plans
  • Flexibility in space requirements
  • Superior branding that is proven to connect with a wide range of demographics
  • Most territories are available for area development

Our Branches

  • Saudi Arabia
  • Country/Area Development
  • A minimum of 120 m2
AlDammam - Uhud AlDammam - Uhud - Abu Bakr Alsiddiq St
Al Khobar Al Shamalia Alkhobar - Al Khobar Al Shamalia - Prince Majed St
AlDammam - Al Badi AlDammam - Al Badi - Prince Mohammed Bin Fahd Road
Al Dammam - Al Jalawiyah Al Dammam - Al Jalawiyah - 28th St
Dammam – Al Adama Dammam – Al Adama – Prince Mansour Street

Franchise Support

  • The rights to use the unique Abu Nawas brand name and trademark.
  • The right to use the Abu Nawas business systems and know-how through initial and on-going training and provision of operations manual and standard procedures.
  • Evaluation of locations.
  • Technical support in relation to customized store designs and layouts.
  • Post-Launch support including on the job training and store monitoring.
  • Advice and guidance in relation to launch and annual marketing plans and customized design and artwork.
  • On-going audit visits to franchised stores and periodical review of financial performance.
  • On-going market research and introduction of new products, promotions.
  • Support in relation to the design of e-media and newsletters.

Applying is quick and simple!

Franchise process
  • 1Franchise Application
  • 2Initial Discussion Application Form Interview
  • 3MOA, NDA, FDD, Franchise Agreement Fees payment
  • 4Site Selections, Tenancy, Agreement
  • 5Outlet Design Construction & Fit out
  • 6Orientation OJT Training
  • 7Equipment Installation Test Run
  • 8Launch Store Opening